The Building

Welcome to Republic Offices! Covering a total area of more than 45,000 square metres, divided across seven buildings with separate entrances, Republic Offices is a small, self-contained office complex located on a larger industrial estate. With its high construction quality, spacious layout, graceful architecture and excellent location, Republic Offices is the perfect office environment for any organisation.

The turnkey office premises of Republic Offices are contemporary in style and finished to a high level. Their open structure, with several towers connected by a walkway, facilitates a variety of multi-tenant workspace concepts. Attractive and stylish indoor coffee areas and a spacious outdoor terrace on the picturesque waterside beckon you to sit down, socialise, walk around and relax.


Republic Offices is located in the most central part of the Netherlands: the Utrecht Metropolitan Area. This area has grown exponentially in recent years, both in terms of population and in terms of the number of businesses which have settled there. This flurry of new activity can be credited to its strategic location and excellent accessibility. This is certainly also true for Republic Offices: situated directly on the A2, A12 and A27 national motorways, it is easily accessible by car. The Transferium Westgraven parking facility – around a 5-minute walk from the office complex – also provides excellent tram and bus connections. You can be at the railway station in Utrecht or in Nieuwegein in a matter of minutes.

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Facilities and Amenities

Republic Offices provides high-quality office space featuring a variety of amenities and facilities. All buildings feature their own entrance, complete with elegant reception area and front desk. On each floor you will find a kitchenette, lavatories and stylish meeting rooms equipped with all modern conveniences. Well-designed and comfortable coffee nooks and a luxury outdoor terrace overlooking the De Vaartsche Rijn canal give Republic Offices its unique character.


Exterior: Republic is beautifully located on the Merwede Canal, and the already high-quality setting is set to be further enhanced in the near future. Republic employees and visitors will have the opportunity to work and have lunch with a view over the canal and watch the boats passing by.

Once the street-side entrance has been relocated and renovated, the entrance will become more clearly visible, identifiable and hospitable.

Interior: a cafeteria featuring shared workspaces will be constructed in Republic’s ‘Social Heart’; this cafeteria will be directly connected to the new park-like environment. On balmy days, it will be possible to open the glass facades completely. The Social Heart will serve as the central gathering place for employees to meet co-workers, work, have lunch and simply relax.


Companies including Ordina, Ballast Nedam and Abecon are already based in Republic Offices Utrecht. There are various spaces available in towers B to F, ranging in floor size from 500 to 800 square metres. Towers B to D have been renovated and are presently in a shell-state. The areas in towers E to G will be delivered turnkey.  Please check the section below for information on current availability in the complex, or contact our estate agents for further information and/or to schedule a viewing.


If you are interested in relocating to Republic Offices, please enter your contact details and we will contact you – without any obligation whatsoever on your part – regarding opportunities and current availability.

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